W imieniu Welcome Point’u zapraszamy wszystkich zagranicznych doktorantów i doktorantki 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 na warsztaty z orientacji kulturowej, które odbędą się 15.10 w Uniwersyteckim Centrum Wolontariatu.
New academic year has just started. Studies are supposed to be one of the most beautiful times in life of every person.
Unfortunately, for many students from abroad it is also a difficult time when everything seems strange and problematic.
But it doesn’t need to be.
ℹ That is why Welcome Point UW is organizing Cultural Orientation Workshops at which international students at the UW will learn more about Poland, city of Warsaw, culture shock experience, communication in multicultural environment, and plenty more.
📌 The main goal of this free event is to provide newcomers with tools that will ease their life in a new place at the very beginning, when help is much needed.
You’ll find more information in the link: Cultural Orientation Workshops